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Grammy and Academy award winning composer, A. R. Rahman performed with, and was paid tribute to, by Berklee College of Music at Symphony Hall, Boston, on October 24, 2014. The repertoire for the concert spanned Mr. Rahman's illustrious discography of over 25 years. We are delighted to release all 16 pieces presented at the concert featuring 109 performers from 32 countries representing The Berklee Indian Ensemble, The Berklee World String Ensemble, and Boston University's Indian dance troupe, BU Bhangra.

This concert was produced by Annette Philip, Artistic Director of Berklee India Exchange.

Epic Medley
A. R. Rahman
string arr. Eva Gertz

Soloists: Yazhi Guo, Sanchitha Wickremesooriya, Dhruv Goel, Harshitha Krishnan, Purvaa Sampath, Armeen Musa, Christopher Kazarian, Annette Philip

Berklee Indian Ensemble

Annette Philip: director
Shilpa Ananth: vocals
Sanjeeta Bhattacharya: vocals
Dhruv Goel: vocals
Vasundhara Gupta: vocals
Rohith Jayaraman: vocals
Harshitha Krishnan: vocals
Nalini Krishnan: vocals
Joakim Molander: vocals
Armeen Musa: vocals
Kanika Patawari: vocals
Purvaa Sampath: vocals
Ishita Sinha: vocals
Harini Srinivasa Raghavan: vocals
Aseem Suri: vocals
Adriel Tjokrosaputro: vocals
Sanchitha Wickremesooriya: vocals
Trinayan Baruah: vocals
Salil Bhayani: vocals
Malavika Das: vocals
Ava Dudani: vocals
Nicolas Emden: vocals
Christopher Kazarian: vocals
Annalisa Lombardo: vocals
Malwina Masternak: vocals
Wambura Mitaru: vocals
Zoya Mohan: vocals
Paola Munda: vocals
Lydia Renold: vocals
Gretchen Schadebrodt: vocals
Ashwin Shenoy: vocals
Sahana Simha: vocals
Pankhuri Singhal: vocals
Chantal Tribble: vocals
McKain Webb-Lakey: vocals

Yazhi Guo: flute, suona, dizi
Layth Al Rubaye: violin
Harini Srinivasa Raghavan: violin
Sashank Navaladi: sarod
Fares Btoush: oud
Jacy Anderson: guitar
Aleif Hamdan: guitar
Shubh Saran: guitar
David Milazzo: alto saxophone
Edmar Colon: tenor saxophone
Samuel Morrison: baritone saxophone
Josh Shpak: trumpet
Michael Wang: trombone
Annette Philip: piano
Cheng Lu: keyboard
Achal Murthy: bass
Daniel Gonzalez: electronic drum sound
Kaushlesh Purohit: tabla, percussion
Ranajoy Das: drums
Joe Galeota Jr.: percussion
Patrick Simard: drums, percussion
M.T. Aditya Srinivasan: tabla, kanjira
Vignesh Venkataraman: mridangam

Berklee World Strings Ensemble

Eugene Friesen: conductor
Na Young Baik: first violin
Sarah Hubbard: first violin
Sumaia Martins: first violin
Stefano Melillo Melendez: first violin
Kathleen Parks: first violin
Tim Reynolds: first violin
Carlos Silva: first violin
Yeji Yoon: first violin
Ludovica Burtone: second violin
Elise Boeur: second violin
Adrianna Ciccone: second violin
Sadie E. Currey: second violin
Carolyn Kendrick: second violin
Rosy Timms: second violin
Tsung-Yuan Lee: second violin
Choeun Kim: viola
Brendan Klippel: viola
Gerson Eguiguren Martinez: viola
Dan Lay: viola
John Smith: viola
Max Wolpert: viola
Steph Dye: cello
Marta Roma: cello
Keizo Yoshioka: cello
Adrian Zemor: cello
Nathaniel Sabat: bass
Matthew Witler: mandolin
Mairi Chaimbeul: harp
Allegra Cramer: harp

Ganavya Doraiswamy: dancer
Special appearance by Boston University student dancers of BU Bhangra

Matthew Nicholl, string arrangements, and orchestral parts preparation

Recorded live at Boston’s Symphony Hall

Rob Rose: executive producer
Tom Riley: executive producer
Annette Philip: artistic director/producer
Clint Valladares: artist relations/co producer
Mirek Vana: co producer
Dave Wentling: production manager
Steve Colby: sound engineer
Kaushlesh Purohit: audio mixing
Jonathan Wyner: audio mastering
Reggie Lofton: video producer
Thistle Communications: video production
Nicole Egidio: editor

For more information on Berklee India Exchange, please visit berklee.edu/india