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Download 实拍:女子餐厅撒泼 用四锅热火锅汤泼孕妇和其家人 in MP3 music or 3GP MP4 video, this video has duration 2:35, uploaded by the user NewsVideo on Aug 31, 2015 and viewed 91,779 times.
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【实拍:女子餐厅撒泼 用四锅热火锅汤泼孕妇和其家人】近日,小董在的火锅店来对母女。母亲点饮料后没吸管,就拿别的饮料的吸管。小董上前阻止,女子暴怒,拿起火锅汤盖向小董。之后女子仍不解气,先后端起三锅火锅汤底泼过去....小董烫伤后,因怀着孩子,一直不敢上药...

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